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Behavioral Health Overview: Anxiety

Last updated 4 years ago

Many may be familiar with anxiety as a reaction to stress or emotional situations, but for some anxiety can be a persistent problem interrupting a person’s daily routine. There are many types of anxiety disorders recognized by physicians—including panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder. In each of these disorders, patients may have irrational fears or obsessive worries in situations that may otherwise only cause minor concerns and embarrassment. Below is a closer look at the facts about anxiety disorders to help you break misconceptions about these conditions.

Anxiety disorder realities

Where a job interview or presentation may present jitters in some people, those suffering from an anxiety disorder may experience panic attacks, recurring nightmares, or irrational avoidance of objects and locations. It can be incredibly difficult for anxiety sufferers to confront stimuli in an uncontrolled environment, so overcoming anxiety disorders without the guidance of a behavioral specialist may be a great source of stress.

Statistics up close

Anxiety disorders are not uncommon, as about 40 million Americans are coping with some type of anxiety disorder. Only about one third of these individuals seek treatment, but these conditions are highly treatable through therapy, medication, and alternative methods.

Treatments and management

Many physicians will prescribe medication at the same time as therapy to help patients manage anxiety from a physical and mental approach. Complementary therapies like stress and relaxation techniques, acupuncture, and yoga are also effective for some patients. However, patients should not try any alternative therapies without consulting a physician and creating a coordinated care plan.

The Dedicated Adult Behavioral Health Program at Largo Medical Center is designed to provide patients with the welcoming, supportive care needed for effective management of conditions like anxiety disorder. The program also features a 7-Bed Behavioral Health ER specifically for mental crises. For a physician referral to help you overcome anxiety disorders, call (727) 470-6826 for our Consult-A-Nurse  FREE physician referral line.



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