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Living with Diabetes

Last updated 4 years ago

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, your lifestyle choices will be an integral component of your diabetes management. You may be aware of the right steps to keep your diabetes in check—diet, exercise, and regular doctor visits—but positive changes in these areas can be easier said than done. To make the important changes for your health that really stick, use these techniques to get on track for your lifelong health

Redesign your surroundings

You can support better eating habits at home and at work by creating a healthier environment with smaller plates, nutritious snack options, and more fresh vegetables. By keeping unhealthy options out of your way in your normal routine, you won’t have to battle temptation as often. You might also set healthy reminders yourself so that you drink more water and check your blood sugar when you need to.

Make a commitment to get moving

The most important part of exercise is finding an activity you enjoy doing. As long as you get about three hours of physical activity each week, you will be on the right track with your exercise routine. Reserve time in your schedule to make sure that you prioritize your exercise every week.

Find new rewards when you achieve goals

You might set goals in weight loss, fitness, or improving different aspects of your health. As you reach your goals, you should avoid the temptation to reward yourself with sweet treats or cocktails. Explore other ways to reward your progress and remember the reasons that you want to remain dedicated to your health.

To learn more ways that you can manage your diabetes and create a brighter future for your health, contact Largo Medical Center through our Consult-A-Nurse FREE physician referral line at (727) 470-6826. If weight management is a problem for your diabetes, our Bariatric Surgery Program can help you achieve your goals where other weight loss programs have failed. 


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