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Preparing for a Partial Knee Resurfacing or a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Last updated 4 years ago

The knee joint is one of the largest joints in the body, as well as one of the most complex. As the body ages, osteoarthritis of the knees is a common problem; osteoarthritis causes the cartilage that naturally cushions the joint to wear down, leading to pain, inflammation, and difficulty moving. Knee resurfacing or replacement removes the damaged portions of the bones that make up the joint and replaces them with artificial components.

Undergoing Medical Evaluations

Prior to knee replacement surgery, you must undergo a variety of medical evaluations. These evaluations may include a regular physical exam, blood and urine tests, and a dental exam. Your surgeon will also examine your medical history to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and evaluate any medications you are currently taking to determine whether they must be changed prior to or after surgery.

Planning for Recovery

After a partial or total knee replacement surgery, you should plan on having assistance at home for several weeks. You will need help moving around your home and may be unable to perform most household tasks on your own during this time. Additionally, you will not be able to drive; you should arrange for someone to help you get to and from any follow-up appointments, physical therapy appointments, and other commitments.

Understanding Your Post-Surgery Expectations

Talk to your surgeon beforehand about what you can expect after surgery and recovery. In 90% of cases, knee replacement patients experience a dramatic reduction in pain and are able to return to normal activities without pain. However, some high-impact activities should not be resumed after surgery. DELETE It’s important to make sure you are comfortable with any restrictions you may have after your knee resurfacing or replacement to ensure you are pleased with the results.

If you are considering joint replacement surgery in Largo, FL, Largo Medical Center’s Florida Knee & Orthopedic Pavilion specializes in partial and total knee replacement as well as hip replacement surgery. You can visit our hospital’s website for more details about the services we offer, or contact us by calling (727) 470-6826 today.


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